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We ow 20,000+ which have 2+ years since being registered and a more 1000 karma for promoting your news/products on target subreddits.

We are working only with our own systems for creating promos as organic and neutral for users as it is even possible, it is totally automated and being tested lots of times.

We are working on the Reddit promotions for more than 6 years. And had an awesome results as we collected more than $ 15 million for ICO in 2019, collected more than 500,000 real subscribers for different YouTube channels and bloggers, blockchain technology products, and IT companies, educational portals and businesses, adult projects, news portals and media, etc.

How will you get the report? Easy! We will create an google-table for you to monitor the progress of your team’s content promotion in a real-time. It is possible to get posts on Reddit, Medium, Bitcointalk, Quora, and Linkedin.

Provide us with content which you want us to share and outline the most important target keywords.
Suitable content: web-sites, landing pages, blog-articles, press-releases, stories, images, infographics, videos, blogs, youtube channels and even more.

Our team will search the reddit website according to your theme, find best subreddits suitable for your target-audience, we will share your posts via top and high karma accounts and promote the posts by upvoting with our other accounts. When the post is on top it becomes visible to all the pages visitors, so most of subreddit subscribers will see it and probably will go by the link you’ve shared.

Reddit can boost day-visiting your website ‘cos is has 90 DA and dofollow links, so Reddit post can increase your project’s DA and they it will be outlined in google by target keywords. So you will get a long-term traffic, which is not easy to create by your own. The same situation occurs with the Quora-posting too.

Working with Linkedin we will create posts via accounts with 6500+ connections and on biggest Linkedin groups. Our account’s are full of business audience users.

Working with Medium source we share claps in case for your published articles, it is possible to put about
3k claps per article.

For crypto-related projects we can create posting from FULL Member accounts. If you need posts on crypto-related forums, we can also do that from the trusted user profiles. We have the bot for telegram support as well. This is the list of optional functions, so, in case if you are not interested in getting them – we won’t do it, but, unfortunately it won’t decrease prices of packages.

Also, we will provide you with an access to our web based bot for you to boost your own posts on reddit, in case if you need that.

Action plan to start the promotion follows:

1. Information about the project (from you).
2. Reporting table (form us).
3. Promotion plan for the first week (from us).
4. We receive feedback from you regarding the plan, if something needs to be changed, we change it.
5. The plan approval (from you), an invoice for payment (from us).
6. If payment is arrived before 15:00 EET, we start the same day, if not, the next day, or another (if discussed)
7. Daily updating of the table with all links and work results (from us).