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Buy Medium Claps and comments to promote stories posted on Medium. If you are planning to drive your article to the top it is necessary to order comments from trusted accounts to make article looks naturally.

Buy up to 5000 Medium Claps and 20 Comments to make your article be visible for thousands readers!

How it WorkS

01. Choose Service

You can chose: Medium Claps / Medium comments

02. Provide Us Order Details

Email, Link, Payment method: PayPal, Payoneer, Bank Card, Cryptocurrency, Yandex Money.

03. Get Your Order

After the payment is procced, we start the work on your order. Start of delivery usually takes 60 min.

The Benefits of Buying Medium Claps, Views & Followers

Bringing fresh readers and followers
Drive tons of relevant to your niche traffic to your website
Make your domain authority higher
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Branding of your product
Boost your stories to the top of Medium easily
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy Medium claps for an old article?

Yes you can

How does we make Medium claps?

We have more then 20000 aged Medium accounts for clapping and 5000 high quality personal US proxies

How long do claps take to arrive?

Deliver Medium claps – 2 days

How many Medium claps i need?

To understand how many Medium claps your article is needed, you just need to go to the top by hashtag you are planning to use and check how many claps current top articles have and you will see what how many Claps and comments you need

Can I order Medium comments?

Yes,  you can chose up to 20 comments on the ourchase form. We can write them by ourselves or post your content. If you need more than 20 comments, contact us and we will add as many as you need.

Whats time delay Medium Claps?

We do Medium claps with random time delay

Can my account get banned if I buy claps?

No. We use only trusted aged accounts and private US proxies for each. We deliver with safety speed. So there is no possibility of blocking your account

Why does it seem like nothing has happened?

Claps delivery takes up to 2 days, maybe you need to wait more. Contact us if they weren’t delivered after two days or if you have same problem.