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Buy reddit powerups. Powerups is new feature for premium members! Powerups gives great opportunities to attract new users to the community and encourage the most active subs. Try out Powerups today – new future of top subreddits!

Buy reddit powerups and be one of the first communities to turn on Powerups and have an influence on what perks and advanced features we create next and Get more Relevant Traffic on your subreddit!

How it Works

Choose Service Reddit Services
01. Choose Service

You can chose number of Powerups which we will organically charge you within a short time

Provide Us Reddit Order Details
02. Provide Us Order Details

Email, Link, Payment method: PayPal(not available now), Bank Card, Cryptocurrency, Yandex Money.

Get Your Reddit services
03. Get Your Order

After the payment is procced, we start the work on your order. Start of delivery usually takes up to 20 min.

The Benefits of Buying Reddit Powerups

The Benefits of Buying Reddit Upvotes
Unlock special perks and advanced features
Buy Reddit Powerups to be famous subreddit
Get access all Powerups perks
You can upload up to 20 custom emoji images
Also u can disable GIFs
You will can manage video controls and permissions
Achievements for your subscribers

Why Choose Us

We Have Everything You Need

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Best Price Guarantee

We have some of the best prices and quality anywhere

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Crypto or Payoneer, Bank Card – Yandex Money

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Fast delivery

Start of delivering services in up to 20 min

Fast and clean Reddit Support
Customer Support

English speaking support on all of your orders and questions

Reddit upvotes Satisfaction Guarantee
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you have any trouble, we will fix your problem within 24 hours

Real Reddit Users Not Bots
Real Users Not Bots

We don’t do the job using bots. Only real high karma users

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Enable Powerups?

Only moderators with the Manage Settings (Mods) permission can enable Powerups.

How many Powerups do you need to unlock rewards?

To unlock Powerups rewards and perks you need 25 powerups

How many subscribers do you need to Powerups?

Subreddits with 1,000 members or more can enable Powerups.

What can a community administrator do, tools and permissions do Powerups have?

• Access all Powerups perks
• Can upload up to 20 custom emoji images (.png, .jpeg, .jpg, .heic are all supported)
• Can turn off GIFs
• Manage video controls and permissions. So, if videos aren’t allowed in your community, then HD video won’t be unlocked along with the other perks

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